Wednesday, 22 July 2009

BLADNOCH 10 years old Flora & Fauna 43%

Wonderfully chewy and fresh apricots with some citrus added for good measure. Forceful and sophisticted malt provides for some much needed masculinity.

Marmalade-like fruitiness rules the roost initially. The malt, at first a bit on the shy side, eventually comes into its own in wonderful confident fashion.

Almost perfect malt-oak fusion produces hedonistic strands of coffee, chocolate, toffee and liquorice.

Truly glorious! All the flavour components of this whisky is in utmost balance. Could be the perfect summer dram for those who prefer the smoothness to be accompanied by something more robust. Not sure how long this one will be available, now that this long-threatened distillery has managed to produce some bottlings of their own. Better not take any risks: get one today.

Rating: 8 3/4 /10

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