Thursday, 2 July 2009

THE ANTIQUARY 21 years old 43%

Dried apricots lead the way, flanked by waxed honey and surprisingly fresh malt. Smoky oak holds up this lovely firmament. Restrained yet beautiful.

Gentle honey and apricot/orange marmalade secure the soft qualities, counterbalanced by dry malt and some modest grains. The oak more minty now.

Small in size but very concentrated and tasty, first with menthol-ish spices, followed by pronounced orange peel before eventually bowing out with some chewy oak.

This is a whisky that grows on you. At first I dismissed it as being too non-descript but as you can see, I have changed my mind. Good blends are very much about exquisite balance and this one achieves that in no uncertain terms.

Rating: 81/4 /10

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