Monday, 15 June 2009

OLD BARTON 8 years old 43%

Flavoured tea, soft cherries and sweet chewy corn. When body temperature has been reached, a mesmerizing tobacco sweetness appears.

All grains work in tandem here, producing a potpourri of flavours consisting of ginger cookies, overripe berries and surprisingly visible malt. All this even further enriched by chewy oak and buzzing spices.

Orange marmalade followed by spicy oak and toffee. Fading out with soft cherries.

A fine array of flavours but somehow not as well constructed as the 8-year old I sampled a couple of weeks ago. A good whiskey, no doubt, but where the constituent parts do not gel to 100%. The nose is wonderful, though. From when does it date? Your guess is as good as mine. I only knew of Very Old Barton before I laid my hands on this one.

Rating: 73/4/10

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