Wednesday, 20 May 2009

VERY OLD BARTON 8 years old 43%

Very appetising nose. Good corn/rye interplay produces creamy fruitiness, cinnamon and flavoured tea.

Vanilla fudge with wood extracts supporting sweet oily corn, melons and a little sharp-ish malt.

Dry aggressive spices at first, followed by exuberant corn and marmalade-sharp fruitiness.

Haven´t got the foggiest what period of time this hails from. From its looks I would say the 70´s but the Barton distillery has a penchant for old-fashioned labels so it might very well be of a more recent date. Not too recent, though, since 8-year olds haven´t been produced for quite a while. No matter what, this is a little gem. A surefire sign that quality bourbon wasn´t invented with Blanton´s.

Rating: 8,5/10


  1. Hej!

    Jag har precis startat en blogg med ett nytt koncept. Jag publicerar bara andras inlägg! poängen är att man ska kunna hitta nya roliga bloggar utan att leta ihjäl sig. De listor med bloggar som finns idag är bara topplistor, jag vill få fram alla andra bloggar! Men för att få igång bloggen så att konceptet fungerar måste jag sprida mitt budskap (det är det jag gör nu). Under fresh&cleans rubrik på bloggen så finns det en kort förklaring till hur man gör för att publisera ett inlägg av sin egen blogg. Titta gärna in! Ju fler desto roligare... kram!

  2. I have a bottle that's very similar. Differences are, the one I have is 80 proof and 6 year. Mine has no U.S. gov. seal and the bottom of the glass bottle has a 92 or 93 on it. Those years would be consistent with no government seal. You're probably right about your bottle being 1970s. Seems that 86 was a typical bourbon proof then. 1980s wouldn't surprise me either. But again the actual shape of my bottle and the sticker are vitually identical. I haven't tasted it yet but I plan on getting another so I can hang on to one, drink the other.