Thursday, 28 May 2009

SPRINGBANK Vintage 1997 55,2%

Excellent fruit/malt interplay. Rich fruitcake and powerful potent malt. The longer you warm the glass in your hand, the more obtrusive the malt becomes.

A fruit extravagaza served up with a tasteful creamy texture. Aggressive and buzzing malt together with some modest white peppers acts as a good counterbalance.

Extremely powerful finish. From a bed of heavy malt, the fruit sends out estery stings on an almost eye-watering level. Stunning.

Together with the recently released 18yo, this indicates a genuine return to form for this legendary distillery. All of which must come as a true relief to all those fans who lived through earlier bottlings that haven´t really managed to reach the heights most people crave from this whisky. Outstanding balance between fruit and malt. Top quality sherry casks, to boot. Batch No. 1

Rating: 8,5/10

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