Monday, 11 May 2009

LAPHROAIG 10 years old cask strength 55,7%

A nose that hits you yards away from the glass and yet, at the same time, curiously calm and relaxed. Like a heavyweight champion who knows he´s gonna win and doesn´t need to fool around. Tar in extremis, sweet-ish peat, leathery oak and a sniff of blood oranges. After warming, a pleasant sea-saltiness emerges from the bottom of the spices.

Decidedly medicinal in character.Less sweet than the standard 10yo. Heaps of tar. After a while, fat chilli-like waves laced with blood oranges enter the stage. All held together by confident, spicy oak.

Dry and complex peat hits you like the paw of a grizzly. Fades out with discreet bursts of salmiac.

It´s been quite a while since I last had this one at home. Back then I remember it as extremely powerful and very good. Now it is extremely powerful and extremely good. To describe it as world class would not be an exaggeration.

Rating: 9/10

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