Monday, 20 April 2009

VAN WINKLE Family reserve rye 1985 50%

Big vanilla thrust eventually letting through some ultra-inviting spices. Cinnamon, black peppers and anise are some that I can pick out. Moderate doses of cherry and even blueberries augment the complexity.

Creamy and mouthfilling. Cherry interweaved with hedonistic vanilla and just a little cocoa. Spices present but a bit more subdued compared to the nose. Certainly shows its age but the sappiness is on an entirely acceptable level.

Estery fruitiness and spicy oak. Very long.

Alas! The last drops of this no longer available bottling (made for the French market, I believe). Unlike most Van Winkle products, this is, I understand it, not from the sleeping Stitzel-Weller distillery in Louisville. No matter its origin, this is a true whiskey beauty. If you happen to see it on an auction or in a dusty corner, make sure you´ll get it. Or better still, tell me so I can grab it. :) In retrospect, I should have bunkered up on this one but I have to be grateful that I managed to own two bottles.

Rating: 8,5/10

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  1. I have a bottle of the same van winkle rye, except the foil is blue. It was made specifically for a french guy and some remaining bottles ended up in a whiskey shop in london. Afraid to open it now with all the van winkle craze.