Wednesday, 8 April 2009

DEWAR´S Special Reserve 12 years old 43%

Dried fruit with mango-ish traits. Spiciness that almost borders on something burnt. Semi-sharp grains vie for attention at the back.

Heavy spices, sweet maltiness and blackberries merges into something quite akin to burnt treacle toffee. Rather nice, actually!Something citrus-ey tries to join the fun but fail and remains in a submissive position.

Ozone fresh with light spices. The treacle re-emerges at the back of the throat for the final bye-bye.

An individual style for this one. I bumped into another Dewar´s 12 at the Munich airport the other week. That one had a different label and was 700 ml (mine is 750). I actually had the chance to try it for free but instead opted for 12yo Aberfeldy. In retrospect I regret this since it had been interesting to compare it to my bottling.

Rating: 8/10

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