Sunday, 15 March 2009

LONGROW 1994 10 years old 46%

Mealy malt and sharp citrus. The latter gradually evolves into sweet lemon. Modest white peppers just around the corner.

Other way round compared to the nose. Initally lemon sweetness which progresses (?) into an almost acerbic citrus (unripe oranges?). More of that mealy, almost powdery malt. There is peat somewhere but you´ll have to exhaust the taste buds in order to dig it up.

Long, warm and ever expanding. Chewy with soft lemon and more confident peat.

Flawless finish apart, this is yet another in a long row of minor disappointments. When this brand was re-introduced at the turn of the Millenium I simply adored it. Then someone thought: "Wouldn´t it be a marvellous idea to add some (Fino?) sherry casks to the mix?" Not really, guys. It rocks the balance completely and it seems to be getting worse for each new vintage. What with the peat becoming ever more elusive, I think this is a brand that should be the subject of a serious re-think.

Rating: 7,5/10

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