Thursday, 26 February 2009

THE BALVENIE Single Barrel 15 years old 47,8%

Refined and complex malt of a biscuit-like persuasion. Vanilla and oak. An intriguing nose.

A bit oak-lazy at first with vanilla to the fore. Eventually the multi-layered malt comes into its own. Somehow manages to be both relaxed and uptight at the same time.

Attacks you at the back of the throat. Differing strands of marvellous
malt weaved into the oak.

This must be the ideal whisky for those who shy away from sherry. Somewhat different to the earlier 50,4% version (less sweet and fruity) but just as enchanting. Perhaps a little less individual in character. InCaskDate: 21.04.88. Bottling date: 23.04.03

Rating: 8/10

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